by Marsha Brown for Parker County Today Magazine

A multi-talented native of Oklahoma City, Gennifer Flowers has a lot of claims to fame  that include her work as a jazz singer, journalist, author, model and actress. She has wanted to be an entertainer as long as she can remember…

A Night to Remember!

It was the BEST time I had in ages! A gathering of old and new friends along with an amazing band makes me wish that every night would be like this one. Let's do this again soon!

The Father's Day Spectacular in NOLA was a BLAST!

Gennifer Flowers, the amazingly talented Chris Owens, The Yat Pack, and Louis Prima, Jr., lit up the stage at the most happening venue in New Orleans! It was a show to remember!


July 14, 2021

Ft Worth, Texas
Private Republican Fundraiser

August 2, 2021

Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Private Republican Fundraiser