Gennifer Flowers came into this world singing. Born in Oklahoma City, the charismatic songstress started appearing professionally at age five. Since cutting her first record at age eleven for United Southern Artists, her eclectic career has taken her around the globe.

As a charismatic actress, she has been seen on the New York stage, national tours, TV, and film; and most recently brought down the house in the New Orleans premiere of the comedy Hallelujah Girls.

As a singer, she has toured Europe, headlined in Las Vegas, and appeared in clubs around the country with her solo act. Anchorwoman, model, spokesperson, lecturer, novelist, charity fundraiser and interior designer, are just a few of the titles Ms. Flowers has lent her talents--but it is Genniferís soulful rhythm and blues voice mixed with her powerful onstage presence and charming wit that have left unsuspecting audiences yearning for more.

While gearing up for a national tour and a new club act Gennifer is once again embarking on a new endeavor. The Gennifer Flowers Jewelry Collection debuted in February 2011. Her love of jewelry has landed her with Houston designer TRea and they have partnered to create hand-crafted pieces that will appeal to the unique style of every woman.

Genniferís unique story continues to be written each and every day. With humor and a sense of purpose she will continue to share her talents and engage in all that she finds meaningful.

The best is yet to come!


Entertainment and Performance History & Appearances

Hotels, Casinos & Clubs:

The Gennifer Flowers Kelsto Club, New Orleans

The Royal Palm, New Orleans

Broussard's Restaurant, New Orleans

Catalina Room, New York

Barracuda Club, New York

Frontier Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

Desert Inn, Las Vegas

Horseshoe Hotel & Casino promotional party, Shreveport, LA

Fairmont Hotel, Dallas

The Cipango Club, Dallas



Tours & Special Events:

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino (Electronics Convention), Las Vegas

House of Blues (Ruth's Chris VIP Party), New Orleans

Divas Simply Singing (Wilshire Ebel Theater), Los Angeles

Thalians Honor Liza Minnelli, Los Angeles

Vendredi de Nuit Mardi Gras '02, New Orleans

New Orleans Chef's Soiree, New Orleans

Roy Clark national/international concert tour

Little Rhody's Big Burlesque, Theatre by the Sea, Rhode Island

Boobs! The Musical, The World According to Ruth Wallis, New York


Television and Film:

 The ESPN Classic Road Show Super Bowl Special- ESPN/VH1

The Frank Skinner Christmas Special- BBC1, London

Kenny Live- RTE, Dublin

Stirpe Real- RTI, Milan

Thursday Night Live- Carlton TV, London

The Thomas Totchik Show- Munich

De tu a tu- Madrid

This Morning- Carlton TV, London

Panorama- BBC, London

De pe a pa- TVN, Santiago

Telearte Canal 9- Buenos Aires

Roseanne- ABC Television, USA

The Jackie Mason Radio Show- UK

Play It To The Bone- Feature-length motion picture

Good Morning America- USA

CBS This Morning- USA

The Today Show-USA

Extra TV- USA and International

Entertainment Tonight- USA and International

Inside Edition-USA and International

 CNN- USA and International

 Fox News- USA and International

 MSNBC- USA and International

 Larry King Live (3 appearances)- USA and International

 A Current Affair- USA and International

 E! Entertainment- USA and International

Politically Incorrect (3 appearances)- USA

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Year-End Special- Comedy Central, USA

Geraldo (5 appearances)- USA

Playboy Channel



TV and Media Statistics and Ratings:


-Gennifer's name appears on the Internet over one million times. She was the #1 most Googled name in July 2008.

 -Her first appearance on CNN's Larry King Live in the mid-1990s was the highest rated episode of King's show up to that point.

 -Her appearance on Spain's De pe a pa show was the second highest rated shown the program's history, topped only by an appearance by former dictator Augusto Pinochet

 -Gennifer's two-hour special on Milan's Stirpe Real show, broadcast on Italy's #1 private network, was the highest rated episode on the series.

 -Gennifer's appearance on the Frank Skinner Christmas Show on Britain's BBC1 received an astounding 39.6 audience share.

 -When she was interviewed for CNN's Hardball with Chris Matthews, she tripled the ratings, prompting the show's producers to re-air the episode an unprecedented 15 times in one week.

-Gennifer has had the privilege of speaking at the Oxford Union at England's Oxford University, which has hosted some of the most renowned speakers in the world including Mother Theresa, the Dalai Lama, and Presidents Reagan, Carter, and Nixon. Her speaking engagement there received more worldwide media attention than any other guest in the venue's history.

-When Gennifer opened her New Orleans French Quarter cabaret, the Gennifer Flowers Kelsto Club, it received enormous media attention. She was invited on numerous major television programs and appeared in periodicals around the United States and Europe, including Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, the Today Show, CBS This Morning, Extra, E! Entertainment Television, ESPN, VH1 Where Are They Now?, and the cover of Stern Magazine in Germany.